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Stolen from blkdykegoddess ...

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Apr. 30th, 2006

You scored as New Democrat. New Democrats emphasize fiscal conservatism, and have a strong preference for the free market. They believe in small-scale programs that provide targetted help to those in need, while working with the business community.


New Democrat


Old School Democrat






Pro Business Republican


Foreign Policy Hawk


Socially Conservative Republican


What's Your Political Philosophy?
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When I take my vitamins I just feel so much better in general.
This is such a great idea! Yay!

I shall be the not-so-secret Santa for the first bookworm to respond to this post who is not already on my personal gift list.


* Like to read.
* Don't mind giving your real name and address to me.
* Will carry this forward.


* Am your not-so-secret Santa.
* Will reply back to the first qualifying comment asking you to send me your address via email.
* Will study your Interests list, and decide on a book to send to you for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Giftmas, Yule, Solstice, Festivus, whatever you like. The book might be a used book. It might be a book you already have (but I'm going to try not to send a common one). It might even be a book you don't want, but I'll try to choose wisely.
* Will mail the book on December 16 to the address you give me via email.


* Pay it forward (do the same thing for someone on your friends list).

Bloody Mary

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Here Comes Christmas....

Look... our mantle is decorated!!

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I just ate a miniature Butterfinger CandyBar. It tasted like fish.
Arnold vetoed the marriage bill.