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Thoughts on RMWC...

As I mentioned before, the RMWC going co-ed thing doesn't sit well with me. I'm trying to figure out the best way to pitch in. Being on the west coast leaves me limited options. I've signed up for a "little sister" so I can support a protesting student, pledged to the legal fund and contributed financially in other ways. I really wish I could find out what is happening on campus still.

I am thinking, alumnae should start writing letters to Sweet Briar, Hollins and Mary Baldwin requesting that they implement a special transfer program for RMWC women who will be displaced by the decision of the trustees. We should encourage them to do it in the spirit of sisterhood and in the spirit of continuing to support womens education. If those schools are able to implement a painless transfer situation for current students, which includes the other schools being willing to transfer the credits of upper division students and offering comparable financial aid to what students are now receiving, the threat of high numbers of transfers becomes very real. And whatever RMWC ends up being called next year, will not recruit enough students next year to cover a high number of transfers.

The administration keeps saying they believe that the number of students requesting transfer paperwork is partly for show. Maybe that's true, and that is ok. Students should show their displeasure an all sorts of ways and requesting transfer papers is very important. But, in reality, we know that making the decision to transfer will be difficult for many and applying for college, even a transfer, is not fun. So, again, I think the alumnae, along with all of the other efforts under way, should begin a dialogue with the other 3 local women's colleges to help current students find a new home, if necessary. And the secondary goal of that is to make the threat of declining enrollment more tangible to the trustees and administration – make the threat more real and one they cannot discount as a sign of protest.


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Sep. 16th, 2006 07:02 pm (UTC)
are you signed up on the reading yahoo group? you can get tons of info and ideas. i think hollins has already agreed to take whoever wants to transfer.
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